You're here for a reason and I think that speaks more volumes about yourself - more than you may be willing to admit.

You're SO extremely powerful and because of that, you're capacity to manifest a purposeful life is absolutely  l i m i t l e s s.

Hi, I'm Katherine Riley and I'm stoked that you're here because that means something fabulous is about to shift in your life and I'm grateful I get to be a small part of that journey!



"Katherine helped me realize the power I have to overcome my own fears, doubts, and anxieties. She helped me put my life into perspective— to recognize what I truly wanted— and then make it into a reality. I untangled feelings that I didn’t even know were stopping me from being free to live the life I wanted. Now, I feel more motivated, less constipated, and free to eat things I wouldn’t have even dared to eat before." ~Andrea
"I realized I don't need to look to others for advice; I don't need to go out and ask doctors about my body; I can really tap into who I am and make decisions on my own. I feel this new sense of excitement to test what I've learned and really bring it out on my own. I realize what she's doing is unlike any other program out there-- unlike what anyone else is doing. To understand what it is she is doing, you have to be in her presence, in the space that she creates for you, to truly understand. Katherine really helps you to discover your own tools, rather than discover another person out there to help you solve your biggest challenges." ~Govindi
"Working with Katherine allowed me to quit therapy, which I had been attending twice a week for years -- I was finally able to put my story to rest and step into a completely new light." ~Kathleen
"I have a new level of self-love, self worth and trust in myself!" ~Olivia
“After one session with Katherine, I felt so light and hyper-aware of everything going on inside and around me.” ~Jasmin
"Katherine's approach helped me discover my own truth. Her process is absolutely vital to personal growth and healing from past blockages. After sessions with Katherine, I usually feel this radical acceptance of everything from the past that I subconsciously held hostage. Now, when personal stuff comes up, I let myself feel the emotion, label it, and then tap it out-- I have tools and resources to use challenge to grow and evolve." ~Jake
“Katherine's personalized meal plan cut my grocery costs by 50%- I love it!” ~Knela
"Katherine's workshop was crazy and absolutely way different than anything I've ever done before." ~April
“I love Katherine's yoga classes-- I always feel so awesome afterward. She was the first teacher to help me relieve wrist pain in down dog! I have always felt pain-free after her classes!” ~June