Break Free & Manifest a Purposeful Life:
90-Day Program with The Conscious Creator, Katherine Riley


Plant the Seed


Watch your power bloom

Manifest the health, wealth, & relationships to BREAK FREE into your purposeful life!

•      Restore health and energy

•      Manifest lasting relationships

•      Call in the money & jumpstart your  own business (or passion)

>>Yet, you feel out-of-control and paralyzed to inaction<<

•      Drained of energy, tired of trying so hard

•      Hurt from all the disempowered outcomes of the past

•      Doubting you can actually have it all

You wouldn’t be here, alive, and inspired enough to read this if it wasn’t meant for you. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you are worthy of absolutely everything – you have the power to create absolutely anything. The question is, will you allow yourself to BE who you are?

Showing up to BE who you truly are requires connection to yourself, your purpose, and most importantly, your WHY. It’s also all about taking CONSISTENT, inspired action.

That’s why I’m here and why we’re in this together for the next 90-Days.


Release the BS and Break Free from the mold you’re trying so hard to fit and instead choose to manifest a purposeful life that you enjoy!

BREAK FREE & MANIFEST A PURPOSEFUL LIFE is a 90-Day trip of adventure for your soul. It’s the first step to embracing your truth, connecting to your divine energy, and getting you into a new flow of living.



Week 1: Meet your deepest desires and identify your “why”

Week 2: Uncover your hidden blocks to joy

Learn the Revolutionary Method to transform any challenge

Week 3: Redefine your loving and playful relationship with your body

Week 4: Release resistance to change, indefinitely



Week 5: Identify and connect to your power

Week 6: Unleash your confidence

Week 7: Expand connection to your divine purpose

Week 8: Open your heart to trust


Week 9: Master expression of your truth: Back up your words and get results with meaningful communication

Learn your Communication Style & how to adapt in any situation

Week 10: Create structure unique to you and your path to allow inspired action to flow

Make an Inspired Action Plan

Week 11: Manifest by becoming the embodied life-force of what is meant for you

Apply the Revolutionary Method to Creating Your Reality

Week 12: Create your accountability plan

Program Begins May 6th 4pm PST

Group Program not for you? Start NOW with On-on-one Mentorship

Questions? Email with Subject: Ready to Break Free!


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Keep an eye out for her upcoming book late May!