1. Paragliding in Switzerland

  2. Go to Thailand

  3. Change the way women love and care for themselves

  4. Have gratitude for every day

  5. Launch digestive wellness healing programs

  6. Create Conscious, Human Value Education for Child Development

  7. Live at Esalen Institute while earning Leadership Certification

  8. Work & Live Abroad

  9. Live in a new city (not SD, SLO, Spain, or Romania)

  10. Visit more countries than my age

  11. Soak in hot springs in Iceland

  12. Risk jumping out of a plane with the love of my life

  13. Visit Hagia Sofia

  14. Visit or move to Australia

  15. Island hop through Croatia

  16. Travel Solo

  17. Eat something completely foreign in China

  18. Learn to cook in France

  19. Be in constant love with life

  20. Give a Ted Talk

  21. High Tea in London

  22. Own my own home

  23. Hike the Deepest Canyon in the World

  24. Eat lunch overlooking Machu Picchu

  25. Pick up photography hobby

  26. Watch the sun rise while sleeping on a park bench in Budapest

  27. Lead workshops at Esalen or similar location

  28. Visit the Uros Islands

  29. Start a retreat center for community use

  30. Embrace who I am & how I feel in my body

  31. Publish a best-selling book

  32. Earn Yoga Certification (200-hr YTT)

  33. Learn about consciousness, yoga, and/or Buddhism in India

  34. Witness Dalai Lama speak

  35. Earn undergraduate degree from top state school in California

  36. Experience ATV riding, jet skiing, and horseback riding

  37. Earn graduate degree/certification in consciousness or similar

  38. Experience Acro-Yoga Festival and/or Burning Man

  39. Ski powder in Whistler, Canada

  40. Visit Egypt & Morocco

  41. Be a dedicated mom of 3+ kids

  42. Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

  43. Get past your fear, touch a snake and let kundalini rise

  44. Stay in an over-water bungalow

  45. Be a featured guest on a radio show

  46. Visit Denmark & Sweden

  47. Enjoy food fully never needing self hate or diets again

  48. Walk through Cinque Terre

  49. Live in the Haight & Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

  50. Be who I am & own it!


The above ideas are simply MY personal Bucket List, now that I'm free from guilt, shame, and pain around eating, exercising, and living my unique life!

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