Client Love

Katherine helped me realize the power I have to overcome my own fears, doubts and anxieties. She helped me put my life into perspective— to recognize what I truly wanted— and then make it into a reality. I untangled feelings that I didn’t even know were stopping me from being free to live the life I wanted. Now, I feel more motivated, less constipated, and free to eat things I wouldn’t have even dared to eat before.
— Andrea


1. How do you know this program is right for you? I get to know YOU and your unique needs. If you're at all interested in finding transformation in your life, or even a sign with where to go next, book a free consultation now. If we are not a fit to work together, I have a fantastic network of healers to refer you to! I will do everything in my power to ensure you're set up with everything you need to live, love, and heal!

2. Am I a health coach, nutritionist, medical doctor, or psychologist? No. As a lifestyle creator, Katherine facilitates transformation from dis-ease to pure, freedom! I will never give prescriptive generalizations for ways of living because I recognizes the uniqueness of every being. "What works for one client may not work for you, so I work to understand imbalance from your unique point of view." Though I studied nutrition and teach intuitive eating, Katherine uses this knowledge to help you enjoy food in ways that are nourishing, honoring, and free from anxiety and stress from the frequent question "what do I eat next?," rather than simply educating and perpetuating number games. Fit & Free Lifestyle in no way acts as a replacement for a medical doctor although side effects of this work can and have resulted in increased motivation, weight loss, reduced stress, anxiety, depression, pain, independence from medication, and healing from disease.

3. Will a Fit & Free Lifestyle program heal my __________? Success is determined primarily by the commitment and willingness of each individual client to commit to the program with an open mind and readiness for transformation.