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Refresh & Revive in 2018

A women’s self-care retreat in Southern California’s beautiful wine country, Temecula

Mindset Coach, Katherine Riley has joint-ventured with Holistic Boss Babe and Self-Care Expert Yvonne Hernandez to bring you the BEST solution to make 2018 a completely new beginning to your mind, body, and spiritual intentions.

I live in such gratitude for this moment. To be able to share with you about how my life has transformed so greatly from energy work and my spiritual practice is such a gift. It is because of this feeling I cannot deny that I've worked to bring you an opportunity to feel how I feel moving into 2018: Fearless for all the blocks I'm about to knock down with intuitive strength!

The truth is simple: I haven't always felt good at the start of a new year... some years I spent the evening planning all these big ideas to then feel overwhelmed and see none of those transformations happen. Then I learned techniques I use every single day that keep me vibrating at my highest and best frequency, helping me feel unstoppable when faced with intense challenge. If it wasn't for this mindful practice and the spiritual connection I've facilitated, I wouldn't be who I am today. It is for this reason that I have chose to partner with Yvonne Hernandez. She uniquely understands the vital connection between the mind and the body. She's healed almost 90% of her body from a severe skin disorder and gets how crucial the way you treat yourself can be in the healing process. If you want to jump-start your connection with yourself, your body, and your mind, I invite you to join me in Southern California the first weekend in January for a retreat so full of opportunities for transformation I can hardly keep from smiling from all the surprises and fun to be had! Check out what's happening below! 

2-Night, 3-Day Private Temecula Weekend Retreat
All-Women, All-Inclusive Weekend Retreat


  • Sunrise Yoga Each Morning

  • Yoga Tips to Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

  • Breath Work

  • Skincare Self-Care Tips & Facials

  • Morning Earthing Hike

  • Group Sacred Healing Circle

  • Relaxing Sauna 

  • Detox Time for You to Unwind

  • Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Techniques

  • Crafting Activities

  • Pool Time & Relaxation

  • Energy Healer for Private Sessions

  • Massage Therapist for Private Sessions

  • Plus, so much more...

Are you reading this and saying YES every other sentence?
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